Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rihanna surprises instagram fans

Rihanna surprised a fan and her children by inviting them backstage at her recent Rihanna 'Diamonds' World Tour concert in Chicago
An enthusiastic Rihanna’s Instagram follower (@tamiblack2) took herself and two daughters to go see Rihanna in concert in Chicago on Thursday night (March 21). At first, she wanted to go see Rihanna in concert by herself, but decided to take her two little girls after they begged to go. Before you knew it, they were making bright funky posters that would hopefully catch Rihanna’s attention. As she mentioned Rihanna in her posted pictures from the nose bleed section during the show, the 3 of them lost hope in their chance of finally meeting the Bajan singer. Little did they know, luck was in their favor.
After the show wrapped up, @tamiblack2 hit the road to head back home to Chicagoand posted one last picture saying, “on my way home from chicago. we didnt get to meet her. we did sneak to better seats tho lol.” Luckily for them, Rihanna was still backstage, relaxing after performing her show. She noticed @tamiblack2′s photos and asked them all to come right back.
Before you knew it, @tamiblack2 and her two girls were backstage meeting the “Pour It Up” singer! All while other Rihanna fans gagged at her luck. This story goes 
to show that the web should not be underestimated.
That was so nice. Rihanna is a sweetheart!
Source: Concrete Loop
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